Sustainability is not optional

If climate change continues at this pace, it will threaten the quality of life on our planet. At Regazz we are happy to put a stop to that.

Climate Agreement and RED

To prevent further global warming, concrete international agreements have been made. These are laid down in the Paris Climate Agreement. One of the agreements is that every country makes efforts to keep warming below 1.5℃. To achieve this, we as a society must quickly and radically reduce our CO2 emissions. Stopping the use of fossil fuels is crucial. Converting organic waste into Bio-Fuel can play an enormous role in this. And so Regazz. We make both the agricultural sector and the transport sector more sustainable.


European directives, such as the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), oblige EU member states to make efforts to make a greater share of total energy use renewable. You should also come to us for that.


How exactly can we help you?
Schedule an appointment with us, we will be happy to think along with you about the possibilities.

Regazz & the SDGs

The United Nations formulated 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): a wide range of development goals to make the world more sustainable before 2030. To protect the planet and ensure or promote the well-being and prosperity of the people on it. The SDGs include themes such as poverty reduction, gender equality, clean water, sustainable energy, responsible consumption and production and climate action. Our technology contributes to no fewer than 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Capturing waste and returning digestate improves agricultural land. This has an impact on the European nitrate directive and groundwater.

Clean and affordable energy, that is exactly what we stand for at Regazz.

Our way of working creates employment and growth in countries such as Romania, Poland and Hungary, where we work with farmers and realize our biogas installations.

We are developing an innovative way to produce Bio-Fuel, using all raw materials and residual flows as effectively as possible.

Connecting with local communities is important to us. We provide employment, local heat (via residual heat) and knowledge sharing.

Our concept is circular in several areas, so residual flows/waste are given a new life as a soil improver.

The CO2 reduction of our concept – compared to regular fossil fuels – is enormous.

Volledige kaart SDG

The entire chain mapped out

A truck needs fuel to drive. During the combustion process of fossil fuels such as diesel in a vehicle, i.e. in the process from wheel to pipe, CO2 is released. These emissions must be reduced, ideally even to zero. Driving on Bio-Fuel from Regazz ensures this.


We even go a step further.


Our Bio-Fuel is fossil-free and CO2 neutral from well to wheel. There are no emissions from the source to the exhaust pipe. The performance and range of trucks running on Bio-LNG are on par with those of a diesel truck.


In order to properly compare the efficiency of different fuels and sustainability solutions, it is important to provide insight into the entire chain: from well to wheel. Only then will you get a transparent picture of the CO2 released in the entire process. The emissions from combustion in the vehicle are only a small part of the total emissions produced by the production, transport, storage and combustion of fuel.


Would you like to know how you, as an entrepreneur in the agricultural, transport or fuel sector – together with Regazz – can reduce your CO2 emissions and achieve sustainability goals?

Would you like to know how you, as an entrepreneur in the agricultural, transport or fuel sector - together with Regazz - can manage your CO2can reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals?