Our concept is rock solid

Regazz develops biogas installations with 100% circular production. Our concept is distinctive because we integrate different technologies under one roof to make the output even better. For triple environmental benefits.

In brief

We use (only!) organic residual flows from the farmer - plant residues and manure - as input for our biogas installations. The technology in those installations turns it into two products. Bio-CNG (biomethane in gaseous form) or Bio-LNG (biomethane in liquid form) for heavy transport in Europe. and digestate: a mineral and nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be returned to the land of the farmer who 'fed' our biogas plant with his waste.

Regazz's system is a closed cycle, with many benefits for farmers, the logistics sector and the planet:

The greenhouse gases in the cow manure and plant remains are captured and therefore do not end up in the atmosphere.
Emissions in the agricultural sector are converted to Bio-LNG, which means that in the long term much less or even no fossil fuels will be needed in the transport sector.
The 'by-product' digestate is organic, fiber and mineral rich; it nourishes the soil in a much healthier way than the original manure with the harmful substances still in it.

Another green plus

We don't want to complicate the story unnecessarily. But to make biofuel you need heat. Many other Bio-Fuel concepts use part of the biogas produced directly to generate the required heat. Regazz uses raw materials more efficiently and sustainably. On the one hand, we generate a higher yield of biofuel and on the other hand, we ensure a lot of additional CO2 reduction: about seven tons of CO2 per ton of diesel. This makes the Regazz concept unique.

Would you like to know how you, as an entrepreneur in the agricultural, transport or fuel sector - together with Regazz - can manage your CO2can reduce emissions and achieve sustainability goals?