Fuel for transportation

Both as a transport company and as a fuel supplier, you must take action in the coming years to make your fleet and/or fuel supply more sustainable. Even if only to achieve the legal sustainability objectives and avoid the associated fines if you do not do so. Or to meet the growing green demands from your customers. Because yes: the demand for green solutions is increasing everywhere.

Regazz can also be of great value in this process. We act as a connecting link; we are in the middle of the farmer – transport sector – fuel supplier triangle. Do you operate somewhere in this triangle? Then know where to find us. Our network is large and our concept is strong.

Would you like to know how we, as a transport company and fuel supplier, can help you reduce your CO2 emissions and achieve sustainability goals?

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The entire chain mapped out

A truck needs fuel to drive. During the combustion process of fossil fuels such as diesel in a vehicle, i.e. in the process from wheel to pipe, CO2 is released. These emissions must be reduced, ideally even to zero. Driving on Bio-Fuel from Regazz ensures this.


We even go a step further.


Our Bio-Fuel is fossil-free and CO2 neutral from well to wheel. There are no emissions from the source to the exhaust pipe. The performance and range of trucks running on Bio-LNG are on par with those of a diesel truck.


In order to properly compare the efficiency of different fuels and sustainability solutions, it is important to provide insight into the entire chain: from well to wheel. Only then will you get a transparent picture of the CO2 released in the entire process. The emissions from combustion in the vehicle are only a small part of the total emissions produced by the production, transport, storage and combustion of fuel.


Would you like to know how you, as an entrepreneur in the agricultural, transport or fuel sector – together with Regazz – can reduce your CO2 emissions and achieve sustainability goals?